Friday, December 9, 2011

At Home and Abroad.

Ok, so, not really 'abroad', but it sounded better than "At Home and a Short Flight to New England".
Our move is over. We are, of course, up to our ears in renovations and honey-dos in our very first home, but it's a labor of love, and we want to ride the new house high and get as much done as we can before DIY malaise sets in. The urge to do everything immediately is hard to resist, but we are here for the long haul. The house is quiet, the neighbors are good, and the kids LOVE it here. Jackson will no longer happily play in his room, but instead wants to run the open floorplan all day long as if he just found freedom. It's a sight to behold, and has taught us numerous lessons about 'baby proofing' versus 'Jackson proofing'. They are definitely not the same. If it can be climbed, opened, crawled in/on, knocked over, or otherwise hijacked, he has figured out how to do it. Normally I might feel exasperated at such a boundless supply of orneriness, but seeing him so in his element- clever, mischievous, happy, and playful, makes me too happy to complain. His health has been outstanding so far this winter- knock on wood. There have been some colds and mild infections, but nothing that didn't run its course or improve with some antibiotics. He hasn't even had to take a round of steroids yet. (tosses salt over shoulder) I have been sticking to my vow to not overprotect him. We didn't cancel our family photos because of a bit of cold air blowing in (although we did cut them a little short), and most notably, last weekend I let him play in a room full of other kids his age. I put him down on the floor to run around, share toys, and ultimately swap germs with nearly a dozen of his peers. It was harder than I would like to admit, but I knew it was the right thing to let him play.

All in all, things feel stable. What a magical word. I know that for the most part, it is an illusion, and things are always changing, but in the immortal words of REK, "it feels so good, feeling good again.". (I also had to break from writing and listen to that song and remember how much I love it.) Having our own home is a comfort I can't really describe. I've never been one who really craved predictability, but every night I find great joy in doing the same thing. Dinner, night meds, put the kids to bed, and before I call it a day, I go turn out the lights in the kitchen, except the small one over the sink. I stand at the end of the hallway and marvel at the rooms in front of me, quiet, clean, comfortable...home. It's like a sigh of relief, every single time.

We are also getting ready to take the kids on a cross country flight. I couldn't possibly be more excited, as we're going to New York! Yes, my kids get to see New York at Christmas, and whatever anyone says, it's just as legendary a thing as you can imagine. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center, Hot Chocolate at Serendipity, Rockettes, Mary Poppins on Broadway, Times Square... I can not WAIT to experience it all through their eyes. I am doing my best to over prepare for the flight and security measures, because if nothing else, a detailed written checklist and travel plan makes me feel a little more in control of the variables.
We will have a letter from our CF team detailing all of the equipment we are traveling with, and a copy of TSA guidelines for traveling with medical conditions and equipment, just to be on the safe side. Unfortunately in my bid to be prepared I accidentally came across a couple of horror stories of CFers trying to fly and getting flack for their equipment or having G Tube formula confiscated. I'm not paranoid about it, but I will be very cautious that we know what we can and can't do, and what they can and can't do. And once we've done it, it won't be half as intimidating and I may even have a few tips & tricks to share.

That's life as of today. All of the big, complicated events that were my 'too busy to blog' blocks are now past events, and I have no excuse for not updating regularly. If you're kind enough to read, I'll be kind enough to share, even when things are delightfully boring!