Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happily Generic Family Update

I've started and scrapped about 4 blogs in the past couple of days. Usually I know exactly what I'm going to say before I even approach the keyboard, and while I have lots to catch up on, I haven't really had a specific point or moral to the story lately. SO I suppose it's a regular old State of the Union type blog this time around.

Jackson is doing well! He's still packing on weight and has developed a glorious little double chin. He's still built a bit like a worm, but I'm afraid that's just how he's going to be. We have had to bump him up to three breathing treatments a day, but it seems to help, and we have an appointment at the CF clinic in a week or so to reassess everything and will see what his Dr says. He likes to grab his nebulizer and hold it himself, which makes giving the treatments not only easier, but much more adorable. He will be TWO MONTHS OLD on Tuesday. Two months! I'm still reeling from the realization that I'm not pregnant anymore (woo hoo!). I'm not sure my mind has really processed everything else, it's far too busy with the day to day. He'll be getting his first round of shots. After years of deliberating, researching and debating the vaccination issue, Jackson having CF seemed to dissolve the ambivalence for us. He simply doesn't have the immunological resources for us to feel comfortable or justified in altering his vaccines or vaccination schedule. The current recall of children's Tylenol products due to possible contamination with B. Cepacia, a bacteria particularly harmful and infectious to CF patients, will mean he does his vaccines without pain relief. I'm not excited about that, but the prospect of him building up a bit of immunity means I may freak out just a little less when people get too close to him in public. More on that lovely bit of paranoia in a moment. If you need more info on the children's Tylenol and Motrin recalls, here's a link for the clicking! One of these days I will master making better links, but for today, that's what ya get!

Emily is adjusting well. God love her, that child is about the most resilient and adaptable little human I've ever encountered. And her insane little schedule keeps me feeling like any other harried mom out there, driving to softball and ballet and conferring with teachers. Although she's learning how to be one sassy little bit, and that's one bit of normal we're trying to nip in the bud.

I wish I had some super poignant anecdote about it being Mothers Day. I don't. I had a lovely day in spite of being up too early and being sick part of the day. I didn't get to see my own mom, but did get time with my Mother in law and her mother, which was wonderful. Emily made a special effort to be good, and as always, was very sweet to me. The simplicity of it was what made it so good. I got to stop and thing about how much I love my life and am happy to be "Mom, the Unsung Hero".

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