Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I Love, Vol. I

Alright...I have begun the monumental task of sifting through the hundreds of pictures I've taken in the last month in search of the (maybe) dozen or so worth sharing. I've also wandered from my usual photo space standby at Flickr- which I still love- back to Photobucket, where I can showcase multiple photos on one panel should I so choose. I like that. This is the first of many volumes in my love affair with minutiae.

What I love about life, RIGHT NOW.

I love the farmers market that is within walking distance from our new house. I love the ripe, tumescent berries, bursting with dark tart juice that stains your lips and fingers. I love the instant popsicle machine that turns them into complete and utter summer satisfaction, and that the taste belies their healthy nature. I love choosing what kind of fruit we are going to try next. I love planning half of our day around popsicles!

I love the way my family looks at each other. I love that I had to pick from at least twenty pictures of various groupings of us all cuddled up to find the two just right to put together, and I love that none of them were posed for the camera.

I love my accidental self portraits, always with the camera glued to my face- and that my family hasn't yet told me to put the damn thing down.

I love the smile lines around my husband's eyes. I love that they tell me that in spite of his fevered opinions and wild rants, he smiles- a lot. And I love his hands, a little rough from the work they do, and bound by one very important piece of silver.

I love that I think Jackson is going to have his fathers eyes. They may be shaped more like mine, but I am beginning to see the tiny little flecks of gold around the pupils just like Mike's. Most people just think his eyes are fantastically blue, but the little gleam in the middle that falters somewhere between olive and sun gold is my favorite thing about them.

What I don't love? My inexperience with layout. It's going to take a lot of trial and error to get my pictures the right size and in the right place. As of now.....I don't know how to do it...

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