Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Triumphant Returns

Finally, I am home, with internet, and stealing the moments it takes to update the blog...sort of. There have been so many things going on (moving, summer vacation, 1400 miles on the road, birthday parties, anniversaries, fundraisers of all kinds...), each one so involved that they at least deserve a blurb of their own...I haven't been able to keep up. And to be perfectly honest I don't think I can dive into the retrospective because we are still full throttle into each passing second. My head has become accustomed to the spin that accompanies the pace of our lives. And to think, there are people who would consider my title of "stay at home mom" to be mundane!

The most fortunate turn of events- at least as far as the blogosphere goes- is the timely procurement of a DSLR camera. I find myself beyond inspiration with the muse of ordinary life, with an endlessly clicking shutter and the hope that I am learning a thing or two along the way. What I have missed in updates, I hope to share a little of in photos. I have discovered inspiration in Kelle Hampton's blog. Her photos are amazing and her positive message came along just as I was searching for the same vernacular. If you read her blog, start with "The Birth of Nella Cordelia"- a deeply touching story of her own unexpected twist of fate- and grab some tissues. Thank you, KK, for sending me the link to her blog! I'm hoping my own blog begins to find it's voice in such a beautiful way.

As for the overall state of things... I feel like I need to take a huge breath before I summarize- this life is a run-on sentence. The month of June found us semi-unexpectedly moving into a house, a blessedly massive undertaking. Emily and Mike both celebrated birthdays, we acknowledged our second anniversary amid the fray, polished off our fundraising efforts with the Great Strides walk, visited my parents and introduced their newest grandson, became bona-fide owners of our very own appliances ( I think that officially makes us grown-ups), and tried, against all odds, to document all of it.

Jackson is doing so well that the general consensus upon greeting him is "I didn't expect him to look so healthy!" He tips the scales at over 15lbs now, making the exhaustive cycle of pumping and feeding seem infinitely less burdensome. My boy is downright HEALTHY! He recently decided to double his daily milk intake and at just shy of 4 months is easily fitting some of his 6-9 month clothing. Oh- and I almost hesitate to say it lest I jump the gun, but he has also FINALLY begun to sleep through the night! At least more than the paltry 3 hours he was giving us before. Seems like a small victory, huh? Well, we here at the Wynn house specialize in celebrating small victories and sailing past setbacks.

I leave you with the few photos I've gone through so far and the promise of my renewed dedication.

Oh so little much more to come!


  1. What a glorious post! I love it.

  2. what a chubbers! i love it! he has passed leo, baha. good boy!!

    love that you love kelle's blog as much as i do.

    hey, i have a friend whose son is getting the sweat test next week. should that test come back positive...ok that i direct her to your blog?

  3. Yes, by all means, send her my way. And tell her this. When Jackson was diagnosed and everyone seemed to know someone to direct me to, I didn't want to talk to any of them. I had to deal with it on my own terms before I was ready to talk to anyone, and if she has to do that, that's okay too.