Sunday, September 19, 2010

No Fury Like a Mama Scorned

The following is a copy of the email I sent to the corporate headquarters of CVS today, after being treated like a beggar at their counter for the LAST time.

My husband and I have been regular customers at the CVS at 3614 Camp Bowie Blvd in Ft Worth Tx for the last 6 months. Our newborn son was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and requires several prescriptions each month. During our time with this pharmacy, not ONCE has a prescription been ready on time, in spite of my calling in refills a minimum of 24 hours in advance with a desired pick up time. There have been instances of incorrectly filled scripts, causing my son to run out of a medicine he desperately needs almost two weeks early, in which the employee demanded I must be mis-medicating my child because they were incapable of making an error. Today we were forced to make two separate trips to the pharmacy because the prescriptions I have been trying to fill for over a WEEK weren't ready, after they had called us to report that they were. Once all medications were finally acquired, we realized that the tech had neglected to give us a 1 ml dropper for the ranitidine syrup, again. When my husband asked her for one, she refused to give him any. She told him to go find them on aisle 9. CVS does not sell 1 ml droppers, which we informed her, and she again told him "aisle 9" After looking, in vain, on aisle 9, he tried to explain that the only one we had no longer had markings on it due to repeated use and we needed at least one to ensure proper dosage. She shoved a 5 ml dropper across the counter and walked away. I would like to challenge you to use a 5 ml dropper to dose and administer a .25 ml medication and do it accurately, delivering all of the medication.

Ultimately, I am beyond sick and tired of the foul attitudes and blank stares from the staff at this pharmacy. I believed that after a time of being regular customers, the staff would remember us, the medications we get, or at least that we are loyal customers. I stuck it out for six months through this kind of abhorrent customer service in hopes of establishing a long term relationship with the pharmacy and it's staff. When I finally called today to speak with the pharmacy manager about these ongoing instances of poor treatment, I was placed on "terminal hold". I am furious, livid, and disgusted that this is all the more your business cares about it's customers. All I am trying to do is accurately and efficiently fill the prescriptions I need to keep my son ALIVE AND HEALTHY. Perhaps you should review your hiring practices if your pharmacy staff doesn't share that vision.

Feel free to reach me at any time,

Amy Wynn

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  1. O my god Amy. I would get in contact with their corporate office and report each and every one of their incompetent asses. As you said, these medications are to keep your son ALIVE AND HEALTHY. I am angry for you. I would maybe even raise awareness in your other local CF groups. If CVS gets enough bad press maybe they'll get their collective asses in gear.

  2. o shit i just read the very top part bit. to be honest, i just got angry and forgot that you said you DID send it to the corporate office. mommy-brain :/

  3. Hi Amy,
    I recently came accross your blog and wanted to tell you what a great job you're doing! CVS headquarters needs to hear this and good for you for writing it! Second, our sons have the same birthday!! My son, Benjamin was born with CF. It's been a long and hard journey but I'm so grateful for the people I've met. Keep up your good work!

  4. Margaux- Thank you for reading my little blog! It i swonderful to get feedback and meet other people with challenges like ours. I will be over to visit your blog now!