Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hospital Photo Journal

At long last, the photographic diary of our misadventures in the Pulmonary Ward, as told by Jackson himself.

Day 1 was pretty easy. A few pokes, a lot of papers...

Day 1
And everyone who came in really, really fussed over me.

Room With a View
I stayed in the Presidential Suite, we had quite a view of the Atrium, and saw lots of things down there!

Some of them made us a little sad.

But the symphony made us happy!

One Down
I went through 5 IV's during my stay, and since I'm on the chubby side and my veins are small and like to 'roll', it was a lways a challenge to place the next one.

I was glad the people who did it are so good at their job.

Hard Day 2
The day I got my bronch was long and hard.

Both of my Grandma's sent me flowers to cheer us all up!

Flora 2
How many babies get flowers? They brightened up our room and looked so pretty!

I liked when people came to visit.

I was finally starting to feel like my silly little self again, so...

Discharge papers
They decided I could go home! Dad signed the papers....

Dad take out the IV
...and then he took out my IV. (He's a paramedic, he can do that!)

Saying Goodbye
We said goodbye to all of my new friends...

And my Mom and Dad have never been happier than when we walked out this door. Lots of other stuff happened too, but sometimes Mom was too busy to take pitcures.


  1. Wow, Cooks looks like a fun place to be if you have to be in the hospital. Jackson looks like he was a trooper. Thanks for sharing!

    Amanda (Nanos)

  2. If he gets any cuter, CF will just have to jump out of his skin!