Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SixtyFiveRoses, the color!

****Update. I do still have this item for sale. I made the initial deposit to our Great Strides team for $127.89. If you're interested in purchasing some, send me a message!****

This is my favorite fundraising event yet! I put my head together with Lela Warren, the proprietor of Glittersniffer Cosmetics to come up with the perfect color to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis. Glittersniffer is a fabulous, funkadelic, high impact line of mineral pigments that are completely vegan, handmade, small business goodness. Win/win!

The color we came up with is a vibrant royal purple that sometimes toes the line between itself and blue, packed to the gills with shimmer and holographic microglitter (teeny-tiny iridescent glitter that catches the light like diamonds).

I have been playing with the stuff for a couple of days and it is versatile as all get out. Being that it's a pure pigment, you can add it to just about anything. I mixed some in with my favorite clear polish and had a rad manicure. Mixed 'er up with some brow gel and dabbed on a wicked intense eyeliner. If my hair were lighter you can bet it'd be testing it out in hair gel. I will add more pictures of my experiments as they come, but I am anxious to get this up, so I'll just start with these two looks.



My makeup skills are much like the rest of my life, experimental and haphazard. If anyone wants to send in their looks after ordering I will be thrilled to share them too.

Every single penny I make from this is going to the CFF through our Great Strides team, Hope for Jackson- including my initial investment. If it is successful I'll be ordering more and coming up with new colors. Lela is an amazing, huge hearted person who was more than happy to give me an incredible deal to help raise money and I really hope to work with her again.

If you would like your very own pot of SixtyFiveRoses, please use paypal to send $8 (includes shipping) to HopeForJackson@gmail.com Include your name, mailing address, and an email where I can reach you if need be.

UPDATE: If you would like to order from the UK, or Canada, here are the conversions & shipping rates!

UK- Please send GBP $6.13

CANADA . Please send CAD $8.70

If you would like to see about shipping to another country, Please met me know! I will do whatever I can to keep shipping costs low.

I have just sent out my first round of orders, thank you so much for the support! If you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas PLEASE let me know!


  1. I'll also be showing proof of my deposit to CFF once I have sold out, for the sake of making sure everyone knows their $ truly went to fight CF.

  2. AH! My Paypal is empty! I sure hope I can get some of this before Christmas is past! (Great gift!)

  3. Hi Amy, do you have any idea what shipping costs would be to the UK? Great product.

    Hope Jackson and all the family are well.


  4. Do you mind if I share this on FB? I have tons of CF friends who would love this! :)

  5. Gemma, I will figure out currency conversions and post them this evening, I don't think it will be too much.

    Christy, Post away! The more exposure, the better!

  6. i am gonna share on facebook as well.

  7. Thanks Amy, i've linked you into my latest blog post too.