Monday, February 14, 2011

Anticipation & Achievement.

Par for the course, I should be sleeping. But there is a lot swirling around inside my head, and sleep & I are on the outs right now.

We have one week left until the next weigh in, and all of the nerves and internal conflict that that implies. Let's get on with it.

Mike has been made full time, which means we will soon have real Health Insurance. (For all of us!) This makes me almost as nervous as it does excited. I have a lot to learn about claims, deductibles, referrals, co-pays, and the like. WIth a little luck and a lot of research and question-asking, I'm hoping to add it to the list of things I can soon help others with.

Overall, I'm feeling quietly antsy. I don't really feel like my usual verbosly-hashing-everything-out-like-a-John-Cusack-character MO, but it's not because I'm feeling down or anything. I just feel a bit like I'm lying in wait.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck for the weigh in, I know you guys cant possibly do any more than you are to get the weight on Jackson. I'm hoping the numbers are good and prevent any intervention.

    I cant help with the insurance side as we are in England, but I was led to believe that proper health insurance was a good thing so I guess it's great news for you guys. Hope you can get your head around it all, it proper confuses me!

    Take care and I'll keep everything crossed for good news.

    I hope Jackson is doing well healthwise at the minute?
    Take care x