Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

...You should be IN LOVE with me. I have not blogged since May 10, ten days before our benefit party. I haven't updated with all the great pictures and thank you's and I haven't shared how much we raised to fight CF this year. And on one hand, yes, I feel like an ass. With so many people giving their time and money, I should have been Johnny-on-the-spot with all of that. But alas, I have been afflicted with Good Samaritan Burnout. Untitled

I feel like it's making an excuse, but after the benefit was over, I just had NOTHING left. I stayed home and didn't talk to anyone for the next two weeks, didn't blog, didn't post on J's Facebook, lost the USB port to import the photos, and just kind of seceded from all of my advocacy and fundraising. And you know what? I'm giving myself a pass on that. Because I want to continue the work . I want it to be an ongoing and integral part of my life, and sometimes that means I am going to take a sabbatical and regroup.

I still have pictures to upload, and they are great. But I need to locate my cable or get a new one, so...not tonight.

This year we raised $6,544 for the CFF. $1,700 of that came from the Top of Our Lungs event. The rest came from people who cared enough to give their time and money, host bake sales, talk to others about CF and why they were out schtumping for change for this cause. We raised a lot, we learned a lot, and we're excited to bring it back again bigger and better this spring. I also promise to bring a full blog post with pictures very, very soon.

After the benefit, I stuck my head in the sand and decided the summer was going to be dedicated to just living. And so we did. We even managed to squeeze a vacation at the beach in again, and just as summer had turned us into stressed out, growling, sweat zombies, we were restored by the sound of two munchkins running screaming into the surf, and the taste of shrimp netted just hours before. That, my friends, is my definition of bliss.

Em started fifth grade two weeks ago. (You're so right, I don't look old enough to have a fifth grader! *wink*) She's doing wonderfully and really seems to be coming into her own. Jackson started preschool last week, and oh BOY does he love it. He only goes for three hours a day, which is a wonderful introduction for both him, and his teachers- who I'm afraid were slightly terrified when they read his medical rap sheet. But they've bonded to him quickly, and he to them, and I couldn't be more pleased. I'll also do a full blog on our decision making process and sending him to preschool in the next week or so.

My invisible friends, in writing this I realize how much I've missed you. I'm glad that I'm mentally rested enough to return to purging my thoughts here, and I hope to have some good stuff to share in the coming days, weeks, and beyond. Thanks for having me back.