At Home and Abroad.

Amberlyn, Hope & Loss


Side Effects

October, What Can I Say?

Living, Part 2

Life With CF Isn't Always Just About CF

Another Long Absence

Vacation & the Return to Reality

Consistency, Dependability, Routine

Cooling Our Heels

The Party Never Stops - Part 3- Great Strides!

The Party Never Stops - Part 2- Recovery

The Party Never Stops- Part 1- Surgery Day

T- 36 Hours, and Counting

Prepping for the G Tube

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

Making Good on Keeping Up

Murphy's Law, or Embracing Superstition

Direct & Indirect, the Cause & Effect of CF on My Wallet, My Heart, & My Purpose


Bon Anniversaire

Stay of Execution

Scentsy Fundraiser

In Limbo (Again)

Your Mother is a Hold Out

Anticipation & Achievement.

Digging In

Frustration and Darkness